Do you want to go online shopping with me? CalArts x Perform Chinatown x Automata (2015)

Do you want to go online shopping with me? Is an online experiment comparing a real life shopping experience with friends and taking it to the online. Myself and a group of friends dedicated a time to online shop together since we never had time to irl or lives across the states in different forms. I did a second life makeover with LaTurbo Avedon, went browser window shopping with Isabela Dos Santos, bought some cute accessories with Emilie Hahn, and displayed Molly Soda's Amazon wish list. The project extended from a CalArts gallery show to an installation at Perform Chinatown at the Automata Theater, and was finalized online as a NewHive

CalArts, B&W Gallery 2015

Perform Chinatown, Automata 2015