Fangirl Mail Live-Action/Animated Documentary, dir.

Fangirl Mail is a documentary series started from a series of interviews from 2014 from a follower's perspective following a group of artists - Jillian Mayer, Molly Soda, Arvida Bystrom, Jeanette Hayes, and Hazel Cills. The documentary interviews each artists through Skype or Photobooth videos integrated with stop-motion. The questions range from topics about current internet trends to their own personal work. The film allows for the artist's answers to extend beyond the screen and bring together the follower and those who we view on a higher internet platform.  The first episode premiered on International Internet Friends Day on Adolescent February 13, 2018. The rest will soon follow. 

Fangirl Mail .- Hazel Cills [WEB SERIES]