Based in Los Angeles, CA


California Institute of the Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Experimental Animation

Art Gallery Exhibitions
2017 "Trust and Betrayal" Chaos Downtown, Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam
2016 "Compare You To Me."  Leimin Space, Los Angeles, CA
2015 “Do you want to go online shopping with me?” CalArts B&W & Perform Chinatown, Automata, Los Angeles, CA
2014 “Cutting It Into Smaller Pieces” Demolden Video Project, Santander, Spain
2013  “MIX 4 U  CalArts C113, Valencia, CA

”35x35 Self & Identity” CCCM Centro Cultural Cinematografico Mexico, Los Angeles, CA
Femmebit, Civic Center Studios, Los Angeles, CA
“MADRE” Espacio1839, Los Angeles, CA
”Spinning Beach Ball of Death” Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, TX
CalState Guest Artist Lecture
Forge Magazine Spring Issue
Art Center Guest Art Critic - MFA Fictional Design Class
"This Video Requires a Password Vol. II”, Curator, Echo Park Film Center
”Sin Fronteras” Eastside Cafe, Los Angeles, CA

”BitScapes” LACDA, Los Angeles, CA
”Our Stories” Nous Tous, Los Angeles, CA
”Work Day” Curator, 1CAL Art Plaza, Los Angeles, CA
”Optical Lens” LACDA, Los Angeles, CA
"You're Doing Amazing, Sweet Tea" Duo with Brittney Scott FL!GHT GALLERY, San Antonio, TX
"Woman & Their Work" 40th Anniversary Show, Austin, TX
"Stuck in Heaven" Leiminspace, Los Angeles, CA
"L.A. Standby" LACDA, Los Angeles, CA
"We Don't Care Anymore" Espacio Ananas, Madrid, Spain
"Dinner For Two Was Always More Fun" Clay-Doh, Werkartz, Los Angeles, CA
"90's Toys" Fun with Friday Mag, print publication
"I Just Want to be Anonymous" zine, Czech Center NY
REEL Camp Stories Guest Panel
Playlist Bitch Music Video Compilation

"If I Say So" Dusty Rose Vintage, New York, NY
"Debtfair" (participating artist), a project of Occupy Museums, Whitney Biennial 2017, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, New York
"Spam's The Internet: The Restaurant" AR print "Ode To Rafman" Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, TX
"Me" Nous Tous, Chinatown Los Angeles. CA
"We Feel U" Showroom MAMA gallery, Rotterdam, Netherlands
"Online All Summer" Co-Curator with Olivia Accardo, LACDA, Los Angeles, CA
"WATERMARK" Curator,  Nous Tous Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
"Undergarments" 107 Projects, Sydney, Australia
"SUPERTIGHT: Vol 29" Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles, CA
"Music Video Show" Curator, LACDA, Los Angeles, CA

"Modern Ways Of Being Exposed" Nous Tous, Los Angeles, CA
"STAND" photo series by Maggie West, Leimen Space, Los Angeles, CA
"QWERTY, Flirty, and Crying" group show with Arvida Bystrom, Brittney Scott, and kyttenjanae, Big Pictures LA, Los Angeles, CA
"Nobody Knows You're A Dog" Girl on Girl, Think Tank Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
"I Play No Games" BOOM Festival, HolyRad Studio, Brooklyn, NY
"Not For Sale" Girl on Girl, Art Slope Festival, Brooklyn, NY
"Girls Who Dance In Dissonance" Wayside Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
"Why Didn't You Like My Pic?" Ponding Space, Taipei, Taiwan
Post Vision & Giphy, Super Chief Gallery, New York, NY
"What is the Future of Art?" Turbine Hall, Tate Modern & Uniglo Storefronts, London, UK
"digiGarden" Curator, SUPERTIGHT Cinefamily, Los Angeles, CA
"I don't remember my first kiss.." Girl on Girl + Junior High, Los Angeles, CA
"Where Online?" The Ladies Network, Melbourne, Australia
"FEELS V"  American Steel Studios, Oakland, CA
"Metaworld" Metaverse Promo Party, Club Pro, Los Angeles, CA
"Embodiment" Agencies, A Place Gallery, Orlando, FL
"URL/IRL"  Austere Magazine, Roll Gate Studio, Brooklyn, NY
"First Day of Spring"  892 Lorimer St.,New York, NY
“Currently Offline” Artist Residency, online
“Into You”  ATM Gallery, Austin TX
“Nowhere Now” Alt Space + Sunday Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
“What a Time to be Alive”  Sunday + Unif + Slow Culture Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
“GhostingTV” Curator, Los Angeles, CA
“This Video Requires a Password” Curator, Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA

“iCare” NewHive, online
Art Baby Gallery,, online
“GhostingTV: Austin, TX” Curator, The Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, TX
“C U ONLINE” Curator, GhostingTV, Los Angeles, CA
“Do you want to go online shopping with me??” NewHive, online
“Art School Boyz” Curator, NewHive Series, online
 “Do you want to go online shopping with me? (L$) CalArts B&W Studio, Valencia, CA

“Great Small Works” St. Ann’s Warehouse, Brooklyn, NY

 “Hugely Tiny”  Pasadena, CA

Published Writing
"An Interview with Australian Singer Wafia," Adolescent
"Meeting the Love of your Life Eight Times," Adolescent
"Life in Plastic: Pandemonia," Adolescent
"Interview with Atlanta Native Demo Taped," Adolescent
"Coco Illustrator Ana Ramirez Discusses the Role Mexican Culture Plays," Hello Giggles
"It's the Small Moments," Rookie
"Meet Anna Burch, the Indie Singer you Need in Your Life," Adolescent
"Polly for Poly" Interview with GFOTY, Polyester Zine
"Protect Your Neck: An Interview with Jillian Mayer," NewHive
"Maxine Ashley Interview," Please Magazine, online & print
"Pop City X Hannah Diamond and GFOTY,"  NewHive
"Screen Time:," Writer, Rookie
"Screen Time: Rock 'n' Roll High School,"  Rookie
"Texan Roots in Sai gon Soil," Publication, La Liga Zine
“How To: Send Encrypted Emails,”  Rookie